Internet Tekstil past dates back to establishment of Adiyaman in 1998. Internet Tekstil, a leading institution within her sector and renown due to her professionalism, her expertise and her high quality standards, is a precious member of Turkish Textile Industry whereby she includes knittin, dying, finishing and at the end of November 2007, the yarn factory which will be subsidiary with Internet Tekstil start to produce. Internet Textile′s daily manufacturing capasity is; 12, 000kg knitting and dying, 22, 000kg yarn, 25, 000 unit textile (finish) and 17, 000 unit stamp. Internet Tekstil has been enlisted for 3 years among the "Turkey′s top 500 export dealer companies" according to a research conducted annually by the Istanbul Textile Center. We are the leading suppliers of 100% Organic (certified by IMO) and 100% Cotton Combed, Carded and Open End yarn. We can supply any quantity of graded yarn to meet your requirements, we can offer the following yarn Open End: Count from 6 / 1 to 40 / 1 Combed: Count from 16 / 1 to 60 / 1 Carded: Count from 16 / 1 to 40 / 1 Kindly let us know your requirements and the details of port of delivery so that we can quote our price accordingly.

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